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Date: March 31st 1944
Mother and Dad
Malcolm McKenzie

March 31/44

Dear Mother and Dad,

I received your letter today at noon. We are nearing the end of the course and about all that is left now are the examinations. Our draft leave starts from Friday noon to Sunday night. I have asked S.L. Anderson about going home and he says he is pretty sure of it. I wish I was certain. We got paid yesterday and after standing in line, all I got was 2$, I should have got 22$ this time but 20$ was sent home.

We had our kit inspection today and we all got good marks. On Wed. we will have our Seamanship Exam and Thursday, our field drill exam.

1. There are about 20 boys in Melville division.

2. We study Naval, Army and A. Force Ranks, Naval Law, Parts of Boats, Naval Customs and Terms, Parts of Ships, Types of Ships, Compass and Helm, Naval Badges, Bends and Hitches.

3. All the ratings take the same basic training. Some take school work and extra studies to enable them to take the regular seamanship course.

I have lost a couple pair of socks. I can use some more if they are navy blue or black.

Your loving son,

P.S. Allan likes it a lot better now.

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