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Date: April 2nd 1944
Mother and Dad
Malcolm McKenzie

April 2, 1944.

Dear Mother and Dad,

I have bad news for you today. I asked S/L. Anderson if he had found out for sure about my out of port leave and he said it was all off. I can not get out of Winnipeg. I sure feel disgusted. I was all set to go home on Friday. It seem an awfully long time since I have seen the old town. I would like to see Chief again too. I don’t see any reason why I cant go home but it is an order. If I was an ord. smn. and taking an 8 week course I would be able to get home. I am the only one in our division who lives in the country. It will likely be a long time before a get another leave. Not til the end of my course.

I am invited out to Olive Mutas for supper tonight. If it wasn’t for my leave everything would be perfect. I hope you are both feeling O.K. How do you like the pictures. The war will be over soon, I hope and everything will be O.K.

Your loving son,

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Original Scans