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Date: October 1916

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Oct 3, 1916
Had supper with Sir George & Lady Watson. The former is known as the Margarine King. They have done a lot for our Canadian boys; have opened up their house & use it as a convalescent home.

Pull in the army is very noticeable. If you stand in with the powers that be then you can get what you want, if not you get pot luck. I am getting pot luck.

I am always trying to be sent to the front & have asked time & again to be sent & I intend to keep on pestering them to send me. At present Col. Shillington seems to be the only man I can reach who might get me sent to France.

Oct 5, 1916
Visited Oxford with Capt. Brothers.

Oct 8, 1916
Capt. Brothers, Major Bayley, Capt. Muncaster & I took a trip to Wellington College, Sandhurst Military College & Farnborough Royal Aircraft factory. We have a very large number of airplanes & we saw many tested.

Capt. Davis has joined us, also Capt Lewis & Capt. McDermitt of Vancouver.

Oct 21, 1916
This last week has been very trying. We had no less than four boards of investigation. At present Col. Bridges is upsetting everything. This man has a habit of grunting like a pig. You feel inclined to laugh every time you hear him.

Major Meakins was here looking up D.A.H. cases. There is talk of increasing our number of cases to 1000. Capt. Inskip of Canadian Engineers has been with us for about a month putting in a new sewage plant. We call him Scotty. He is very jolly & we will miss him when he leaves.

Been boarding cases for discharge to Canada. This work is very trying. We dislike the large amount of clerical work that the army demands of us. It takes up the greatest part of our time.