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Date: December 1916

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Dec 5, 1916
Went to Reading. Had supper at the O.C.’s. Was served with hare cooked much after the style of a suckling pig. Later in the evening the O.C. informed me that my right-hand man, Pte Stevens, was being sent away. I went to bed feeling peeved.

Dec 10, 1916
Motored to Sonning & walked about the village with Capt. Muncaster & Capt. Brothers. Then went on to Henley-on-Thames & back through Hurst to Sonning Golf grounds where we picked up Capt. McDermid, Hewett, Lough & Major Bayley.

Dec 18, 1916
Ordered to leave for France. My stay at Bearwood has been a most enjoyable one. I have enjoyed the company of the Officers & Sisters & I appreciate the hospitality which was extended to me by the people around Bearwood and carry with me the most pleasant memories of my stay in this vicinity.

Took the train from Reading to Paddington & had a job hunting up my luggage here. Attended British Medical Society. Had supper at Regent Palace with Capt Hewett, Lewis & Brothers. After met Capt Lough & two Irish girls. Took them to a Review & went to the Trocadero. Bid farewell to my friend.

Dec 19, 1916
Took train from Charring Cross & reported at Dibgate by noon. Lft. Col. Brusseau in command. Went to Moore Bks Hospital & saw Capt McNichol, Shannon & Capt Southerland. On to Folkestone & bought a trench coat. Took train to Lyminge and saw Capt Marr & Bagnell; returned to camp 11:30.

Dec 10, 1916
I am C.B. waiting for a boat to take me to France.

Dec 22, 1916
Had a row with the Adjutant Capt. Sprague for not going on drill. Was paraded to the O.C. who was very pleasant about the affair but I gained my point.

Dec 23, 1916
Given command of No. 4 Company. I had a previous talk with the O.C. & the Adjutant was rather humble when the Command of No. 4 Co. was offered me. I might add that the Adjutant is not a bit popular & as one of the fellow officers said, he is a combination of ignorance & gall. There is much dissatisfaction in this CAMC & a lot of the men look to me as their leader in acts verging on insubordination. They will be getting me into serious trouble if I don’t take care.

Dec 25, 1916
Xmas day spent in camp at Dibgate. Had a good meal but everything was quiet. Capt. Tremayne of BC is here.

Dec 28, 1916
Left Dibgate with Cpt. Parker, Mossman, Fuller & Dunlop through London to Southampton. Embarked on the Viper & reached Havre morning of Dec 29th. Was very seasick. Encamped at Roucelles, a very muddy hole. It’s an Imperial Rest camp. Had a good sleep but my clothes got soaking wet through from the water & mud flowing over the floor of my tent.

Dec 30, 1916
Acted as Censor for the first time. Do not like this job.

Dec 31, 1916
Went to Church Parade & acted as Censor.