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Date: December 1917

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Dec 12, 1917
Returned to London.

Dec 13, 1917
Saw Major Bennett. Went to Bearwood.

Dec 16, 1917
Returned to France. Visited No. 2 Stat. Hospital at Boulogne where I saw Lft. Col. Donald.

Dec 18, 1917
Back on duty with 116th Bn.

Dec 19, 1917
Started for the line, marched to Busnettes where we were billeted for the night. Here Mademoiselle pulled the cots leg & wished to spend the night with us. Nothing doing.

Dec 20, 1917
Marched to Houchin & had trouble in finding a billet. It’s very cold.

Dec 21, 1917
Marched to Maroc.

Dec 22, 1917
Into the line taking over from the 8th Northumberland & 9th Sherwood Forresters north of Lens, in Cowley-Douglas Commotion Congress & Cob trenches. I have a good dressing station: warm & dry.

Dec 24, 1917
This front is rather quiet. We have an American officer with us on a Cooks Tour. He seems to be a very decent sort.

Dec 25, 1917
Xmas in the front line trench. Fritz was a bit active today & there was retaliation. We had a very good Xmas dinner, enjoyed by G.R. Pearkes Major acting O.C., George Pringle Padre 43rd Bn, H. Wood Lft 116th, T.A. Irwin Lft 116th, L. Sutton Lft., L. Ritchie Capt., T.H. Borod Adj 116th, J.H. Hughes, B.O. Lft 116th, G.W. Bacon Lft 166th U.S. Inf., C. Noble 35th Bty C.F.A.

Dec 28, 1917
Moved back into support at Site St. Pierre being relieved by the 58th Bn.

Dec 29, 1917
Saw John Briggs at Fosse 11 & visited the A.D.M.S. at Noeux-les-Mines.