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Date: March 1918

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Mar 3, 1918
Fritz tried to come over on our left. He was repulsed with heavy casualties though he penetrated our lines. We got two prisoners. Our casualties: two killed & three wounded.

We lost two officers in this front: Lft. C. Hillis and Lft. Biggar.

The last three nights have been pitch dark. The blackest nights I have every experienced.

Mar 6, 1918
Early this morning Fritz sent over Projectile gas on our right. The 43rd Bn. had a heavy casualty list of 80 odd & 18 deaths.

In the night we were relieved by the 42nd & went to Neuville-St.-Vaast where we are billeted in Hills Camp.

Mar 13, 1918
Marched to Villers-au-Bois & billeted at Suburban camp. We are having very good weather.

Mar 17, 1918
We had a real dinner with General Hill as guest. He sure can punish the booze.

While in Aubigney trying to buy chickens I stopped two tommies & asked them where I could get a chicken. One of the boys looked wise & asked me what kind of a chicken I wanted.

Mar 19, 1918
Moved up into close support. Headquarters at Zollern House. This is a very good dugout built by the Huns before the Vimy show.

Mar 20, 1918
We performed a sidestep moving to the railway embankment just south of Vimy station. Here we were shelled & gassed but no damage inflicted on our men. We had a bath house & many of the men had a bath & change of underwear.

Mar 26-27, 1918
Again, heavily shelled. Moved into the frontline on the Maricourt front taking over from the 52nd. I established my dressing station in Teddie Gerard trench. It was the best D.S. I have had so far – right in the front line.

Mar 28, 1918
Evacuated D.S. from Teddie Gerard trench & established my station at Canada dump. Here I was shelled morning, noon & night by heavy stuff, whiz-bangs, overhead shrapnel & gas. It was no bon spot. I had to dress my men in the open under fire. My dugout here had accommodation for six but we crowded in nine.

Mar 30, 1918
Moved D.S. on O.C.’s orders to Brick pile near lone tree. In making this move we were under fire all the way & three times we had to seek shelter. Once in Canada trench we were blown over by a shell bursting almost on our heels. Nobody hurt but all cussing. It was raining. Found Brick pile very crowded & no shelter for my dressers.

Mar 31, 1918
Re-established D.S. in Teddie Gerard trench.