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Date: September 1918

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Sept 2, 1918
Up today for short time. It’s very dull here.

Sept 6, 1918
Marked out. Recommended for a board.

Sept 7, 1918
Arrived at Etaples. Reported to C.G.B.D.

Sept 9, 1918
Up for a board. Debility to report again. All officers other than infantry report here & await disposal which averages four days. Casualties in officers report here on discharge from hospital in France & are boarded. I do censor work all morning. This is very trying & you soon get fed up. Our meals are very good; plenty of vegetables. I am slowly improving though my leg gives me some trouble. I can get around with a cane.

Here I have met Harry Henderson, also a Major Wilkin who is on his way to Victoria & intends to locate somewhere near Sidney. He at one time had command of a Machine Gun Bn. & went to the Railway Troops.

Sept 16, 1918
Boarded & given one month’s sick leave to Blighty where I am to take some electrical treatment.

Sept 18, 1918
Arrived in London. Went to eight different hotels before I got a room. Am at the Imperial Hotel, Russell Square. Not able to get around with ease.

Took an American YMCA officer around. He was shocked to see women smoking at the Regent Palace & wanted to know what kind of place he was in. At the “Man from Toronto” I met a Mr. Hare from Leeds who invited me to spend a few days with him. He was acquainted with David Hield.

Met Ken Woods, Mule Paterson, Manson Brown & Jacobie, all 116th officers.

Sept 20, 1918
Went to Bearwood.