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Date: November 1918

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Nov 11, 1918
Still at the General Base Etaples doing nothing & awaiting orders. Have a very comfortable billet thanks to Capt. Fraser. Capt. Gibbs is now with us. Now & then I help out with the medical work here.

Today is a great day: the Hun has signed an armistice. He waited until the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. There is great rejoicing & the boys are all cheering. The great question now is when will we get home. I understand every Canadian will be back in Canada within six months.

Today I bought $600. worth of Victory Bonds.

Bulgaria entered the war Oct 1, 1915. The armistice took effect on Sept 30th, 1918. Turkey entered the war Nov 5, 1914, armistice in force Oct 31, 1918. Austria began the war July 28-29, 1914, armistice in force Nov 4, 1918.

Eason of Victoria is now acting as batman for me. He is a dandy.

Nov 16, 1918
Motored to Boulogne & saw Jack Campbell at No. 2 Stat. Hospital.

Nov 18, 1918
Received orders to report to No. 7 Can. Gen. Hospital at Etaples for duty. I was taken on their strength. This is a Queen’s Univ. unit with Col. Harthington in command. I had wards 18 & 19, most of my cases are influenza, many of them having pneumonic complications.

Nov 26, 1918
Was instructed to go to the Base & report there for duty. Here I was sent to the Can. Inf. Base Depot. Took the sick parades, inspected returned casualties & all drafts. Made out Board papers for officers.

C.I.B.D.Canadian Infantry Base Depot.Etaples

Returned to hospital after my work which is not hard.

Nov 28, 1918
The R.A.M.C. are recalling many of their officers for civil work & the vacancies are filled by C.A.M.C. officers.

I wish I were not of this place. Have written Col. Pearkes hoping to get back to the 116th Bn. I know I will not be given a chance with No. 7 Hosp.