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Date: December 1918

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Dec 1, 1918
In the evening I moved over baggage & all to C.I.B.D.

Here I have good quarters & feel at home. I do not like the atmosphere at No. 7 Can Gen Hosp where Col. Etherington is O.C.

Dec 23, 1918
Am thinking of specializing in Obstetrics & Pediatrics. Hope to go to Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. I may find it necessary to resign from the army.

Dec 24, 1918
At C.I.B.D. This evening I went to the cinema & after played chess with Eddie Lyons in my room at the Medical Hut. What a night the boys broke lose, raided the Pen & liberated the prisoners; then they stormed the Sgt’s mess taking all the booze. I heard the noise but did not know then what was going on. Next they raided the Officers Mess & took all the booze there. Col. Daly, O.C. did not try to have them stopped & so the mob ruled. There were about 4,000 men from various units but the men who were causing the trouble were mainly Artillery, Engineers & a few Machine Gun. The leader was a big curly-haired artillery chap. They had no legitimate kick. It is true the camp was overcrowded & there was not good accommodation. Most of the hospitals & convalescent camps were sending all they could to us without regard, so that they would be clear for Xmas. It was a dirty trick. But these men are here for a few days only being most of them on their way to Blighty & Canada. There was some shooting but only one man slightly wounded was brought to me. One officer was beaten up & had to be sent to hospital. There were many black eyes, etc. The men did the shooting they having rifles & revolvers. The Officers were all armed but did no shooting.

Dec 25, 1918
Xmas Day. This night the boys again went wild & raided the E.F.C. taking booze, British Warms, canned goods & anything that took their fancy. They disturbed two W.A.A.C. camps & spoilt the girls Xmas dinner, smashed many windows. There were not many of our boys out & many of the Imperials joined them. They went into Etaples, raided the Officers’ Club there & stole over $4,000 worth of jewelry. Insulted the French & smashed windows.

The boys did not molest me in any way or form. The large majority of boys were disgusted at what went on.

On my staff here I have Sgt. Toy, Act. Sgt. Hutchinson & Pte Congo, a wild man from the States.

Dec 31, 1918
I spent the evening with my staff. Things are quiet. We are sending 500 men a day to Blighty. A large number of Officers are being held here. I wish I could get away though I am comfortable.