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Date: January 1919

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Jan 3, 1919
Sick with Influenza & Bronchities. TVC2 P120. Carried on.

Jan 4, 1919
Capt. Gibbs came to see me & evacuated me to No. 20 Gen Hosp (Carriers).

Jan 7, 1919
Evacuated for Blighty. I sure did like my treatment at No. 20. The nurses & V.A.D. were very good & the M.O. was most obliging. I could see no fault in the attention & treatment they gave their patients & I want to say right here that any man who complains against No. 20 Gen. must be one of those chronic grousers never satisfied.

I got into the hospital train at 7:30 am & after much waiting the R.T.O. of the usual brainless variety decided to let us go & that was at 11:45am. At 2:50 pm we reached Wimereux having in the meantime travelled about 14 kilos. The French Ry system is putrid. Here we were sent to No. 14 Gen Hosp to be detained overnight.

Jan 8, 1919
Hospital ship at Boulogne to Dover, train to London & on to No. 3 London General (Wandsworth) at 10pm.

Jan 16, 1919
Met Eddie Lyons at Regent St, had tea with him, supper & saw “Soldier Boy”.

Jan 18, 1919
Weekend leave to Petworth where we stayed with Col & Lady Mitford at Petshill. Lft George Lewis, observer in Flying Corps was with me. We had a very good time. Were giving dancing lessons and they had girls in to meet us. The grub was tiptop. Got back to No. 3 London General Jan 20th.

Jan 22, 1919
Major Rose, Imperial Machine Gunner & I have sort of joined forces & are having a good time in London.

Jan 25, 1919
Weekend leave to Bearwood. Brought back my luggage which I sent to Thos Cook & Son for storage.

Jan 27, 1919
Back in Hospital. Met Capt Clark & Fraser at R.A.C.

Jan 28, 1919
Saw Gen Birkett regarding post-graduate work. I am anxious to take a course at Rotunda Hospital, Dublin & Great Ormond, London.