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Date: January 14th 1916

Jan. 14th, 1915.

I got your letter today and the parcel with the toffee and 2 pair of socks Both are great. I opened it up at the battery and we had some there of the chocolate. I went up visiting for a ride as we are back here for a few days rest.

We came out the other day and I rode back part way on my borrowed nag. The men clean up and it gives me a good chance to treat colds and sore feet. Yesterday I rode up to see the Colonel (Col. M-) our old artillery colonel and had tea with him. His billet was hit by a shell which finished three rooms. No one was in. Alice McE- was hit by some splinters at a place near by.

My pen's dry so it will have to be pencil as James is in his Wolseley.

The job here is fine, of course there is'nt any opportunity for really scientific work but it is a good general practice in finding out what is wrong with people and emergency work. I examined a draft today and then went for my ride.

Tonight we had the gramophone going and I find the company officers are quite a decent lot.

The socks are fine just as they are. of course, when it gets warmer and with my long boots on they would be better shorter as they come too far up the calf.

The two puddings arrived O.K. Pat G- had one for New Years at the dinner I was to have attended when I was sent up to the Battalion. We had the other a few days ago and it was a peach.

Elsie's cake is on its way from Aunt Hattie. She sent Hope half of it. I expect she has told you about that by now.

I will find out more about Boswell next time I see him. He stays in town with my horse and brings my mail up. I like the grey socks best, they dont show the _____. (please dont say I said that)