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Date: April 1919

[transcription provided by collection donor]

Apr 4, 1919
Today was held the ceremony of the Unveiling of the Monument in the Italian Garden at Cliveden (Mrs. Waldorf Astor’s property). Here were buried the few Canadians who died at No. 15 Can. Gen. Hosp. in Taplow. The monument was installed by the Can. Red Cross Society £2000. Sir Robert Borden did the unveiling. The statue is a young woman standing erect with her arms outstretched. Borden spoke & then Mrs. Astor pushed herself forward & spoke. She is a good speaker, has plenty of pep & is rather gabby. The spot is very pretty in a pocket on the side of a hill. Each grave is marked by a small flagstone.

The assembly of patients in blue khaki & civilians made a very fine sight. Gen. Foster, Gen. Bickett & Col. Hutchison, all CAMC men were present, also Lady Drummond. Afterwards we all had tea at the Sisters Lodge. It was very good.

Apr 12, 1919
Went to Windsor – visited the Castle, saw royal rooms, reception rooms, etc. Also the Round Tower & chapels.

Apr 17, 1919
Heard that this hospital No. 15 Can Gen is to close on Apr 22. No word about going home.

Apr 22, 1919
Received orders to go to Blandford, Dorset with six other officers to board the C.A.S.C. Major S.E. Beech, Maj. Preston, CE, Capts Taylor, Gibson A.J. Bailey CV & Tull J.C..

We went to London – missed the train & nearly missed the 2nd – Major Beech who had our warrants missed this train & we proceeded without him. Arrived at Blandford 7:00. Went to the Crown Hotel & had a very good supper. Then taxied out to the C.A.S.C. camp about 4½ miles out. Here they were not ready for us & after much bother they got us each a bed & some blankets.

Apr 25, 1919
Went to London & on to Taplow for a weekend.

Apr 27, 1919
Snowed all day.

Apr 28, 1919
Major Beech & I returned to Blandford.