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Date: October 1st 1942

[transcription and transcription annotations have been provided by the collection donor]

Thur Oct 1, 1942:
Our last day of ground instruction in Gee. To-morrow we have an exam on it.

Fri Oct 2, 1942:
We had a written exam on Gee. Pay parade. Went to Cambridge to see a show and have a chicken dinner.

Sat Oct. 3, 1942:
This morning we went over the exam papers. I didn’t do so good. Did nothing the rest of the day.

Sun Oct. 4, 1942:
Nothing doing to-day. Went in to the village in the evening.

Mon Oct 5, 1942:
The usual idleness to-day.

Tue Oct 6, 1942:
Nothing doing to-day. Bruce Hosick and I took some pix. Went to Cambridge in the evening.

Wed Oct. 7, 1942:
We had an afternoon off so Hosick and I went to Cambridge. Had some Polyphotos taken. In the evening we met Harvey Kieswetter and Vipond in the Eagle. I was soaked going from the bus to the camp.

Thur Oct 8, 1942:
went on a five hour cross country trip this afternoon, as 2nd Navigator. This time my intercom was working so I learned a little of how a crew co-operates. Went to the Station concert which was very good.

Fri Oct 9, 1942:
Nothing doing to-day. In the afternoon I went to the Breefing room to see “49th Parallel”.

Sat Oct 10, 1942:
Had planned on going to Cambridge tonight, but I was put on night flying. We were prepared to take off at 8 pm, but the kite went US so went and had a night flying supper. At midnight we made another attempt to take off.

Sun Oct 11, 1942:
Climbed into bed at 5:30 this morning after having my second night flying supper and no trip. Tonight we took off for another trip, which lasted 3 hrs. There was a dance in the Sgts. Mess, however we were there just as it was finishing.

Mon Oct 12, 1942:
I went over to the Flights this morning, but nothing doing so far. In the afternoon Hosick and I were called in to the Navigation office. I was asked if I’d volunteer for 2nd Navigator on a Pathfinder Squadron. I volunteered. Bruce was told to pack and leave tonight for 218 Squadron at Downham Market. I flew on Bull’s Eye Exercise, blackouts in Reading and London were poor.

Tue Oct 13, 1942:
This morning I discovered that Budd, Monk and Selby along with some other Saltby stalwarts had arrived. No flying for me today.

Wed Oct 14, 1942:
Still no flying for me - read some gen on the Gee box. Went to Cambridge in the evening.

Thur Oct 15, 1942:
No flying. Went to the Ensa show in the Evening. It wasn’t good as previous shows.

Fri Oct 16, 1942:
Pay day today. Things are pretty quiet around here. Went to Cambridge early.

Sat Oct 17, 1942:
I didn’t go near Flights today, but wrote letters instead. Harry, Budd and I went to Cambridge.

Sun Oct 18, 1942:
This morning I was told a crew would be coming here to convert to Sterling. I would join them as they are Pathfinders. Went to Cambridge in the evening.

Mon Oct 19, 1942:
Vipond and I went over to Navigation section and were given the job of swinging the Sterling’s compasses.

Tues Oct 20, 1942:
Supposed to swing compasses today, but it rained too hard. Went to the pix show in the station theatre.

Wed Oct 21, 1942:
I appeared at Flights this morning and was sent up on a short trip to the bombing range. Went to Cambridge in the evening. Danced at Cherry’s.

Thur Oct 22, 1942:
This morning I met three more members of my crew. Applying for a 48 hr pass to go to London.

Fri Oct 23, 1942:
Succeeded in getting a 48 hr pass. Arrived in London at 4 pm. Tea at the Beaver Club then out to Smithfield to see Alf Batcheler. We went round to some friends. I was soaked by rain before we reached Alf’s home where we stayed the night.

Sat Oct 24, 1942:
We had tea and biscuits in bed. After breakfast we went to Kensington where we had lunch with Irene Welsh. Then Alf and I went to a show near Victoria Station. His kilt drew the attention of passers by. Out to Mr.& Mrs. Shunnes near Hounslow, where we had a reunion. Alf going through his usual antics. We stayed here the night.

Sun Oct 25, 1942:
Tea and biscuits in bed and after breakfast we went to Richmond for lunch, then to Welsh’s. From here we roamed into town, where I caught the train for Cambridge. I arrived too late for the bus and there is no train on Sundays so I arrived back by taxi.

Mon Oct 26, 1942:
Still no flying for me yet, wrote letters most of the day and went to Cambridge in the rain. Took a WAAF to see “Gone With the Wind.”

Tue Oct. 27, 1942:
No flying for me. In the afternoon we had to move the “D” block. In the evening I went to Cherry’s studio, when I got back I heard I was to fly in the morning.

Wed Oct 28, 1942:
Early this morning a Sterling crashed killing 5 of the 7 crew members. Up early for flying, but crawled back to bed - too much fog. We had a battle royal with a Flt.Sgt. who wanted to fill the room with beds and lockers. We succeeded in getting the missing window panes filled in, no heat yet. The room now contains 3 Scots, 2 Englishmen and balance Canucks.

Thur Oct 29, 1942:
Went over to flights to do some flying, but skipper had to go to London for an eye test. In the evening I went to Cambridge to see the boxing contests and exhibitions by Eric Boon, lightweight champ, Jack “Kid” Berg and Al. Robinson.

Fri Oct 30, 1942:
Went to the gym for P.T. this morning and found out the poor shape I was in. Wrote letters in the afternoon. Weather still foggy and cold, but we have a little heat in the barracks. Payday today.

Sat Oct 31, 1942:
Our pilot has to go on an eye strengthening course for 3 weeks. We may get 2 weeks leave. Played poker instead of going out. I should have gone out.