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Date: October 1st 1943

[transcription and transcription annotations have been provided by the collection donor]

Wed Sept 22 to Mon Oct 11, 1943:
no entry.

Tue Oct 12, 1943:
Weather, just fair. The camp white-washers are working on our barracks to-day. There are a number of camp work parties doing work like this all the time. White-washing the barracks, cleaning the camp etc. One of the Dieppe boys went crazy this afternoon. The fellows in his hut were sitting or washing, when all of a sudden this fellow came running out of the hut and he was stark naked. He ran up and down the road yelling at everybody and shaking his fist. He wouldn’t stay still and nobody could talk to him. After a few minutes four or five fellows grabbed him, wrapped him in a blanket and carried him down to the hospital. We heard later that he died, but we don’t know the cause of death. I guess it was just too much of this life and the Germans who run our lives.

Wed Oct 14, 1943:
Weather still cool. Some of the Repats left to-day and the remainder are to go to-morrow.

Thur Oct 15, 1943:
All the Royal Army Medical Corp fellows left for home to-day and were allowed to take most of their kits with them.

Fri Oct 16, 1943: to Sat Oct 23, 1943:
no entry.

Sun Oct 24, 1943:
All of the compound gates were locked first thing this morning as there were about ten fellows who made a break last night. First they cut the wires then they put a ladder to the outside wire and were supposed to have escaped that way, but it was only a ploy as they had all left through a tunnel that had been under construction for months.

Mon Oct 25, 1943: to Mon Nov 1, 1943:
no entry.