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Date: November 1st 1943

[transcription and transcription annotations have been provided by the collection donor]

Mon Oct 25, 1943: to Mon Nov 1, 1943:
no entry.

Tue Nov 2, 1943:
Up at 6:20 am as there was a rumor that the Gerries were going to check the camp for extra POW’s. It is known throughout the camp that there are four or five other men being hidden by the fellows in some of the other huts. These fellows who are hidden are some who have been convicted of crimes and sent to the straff compound and later rescued by our fellows, brought into one of the huts. Here they are hidden in rooms that have been dug under the floors and fed food smuggled to them. During the day they leave their rooms and wander around the camp with the rest of us. At night and during the counting parade they go back to their holes under the floors. This morning the whole camp, two compounds at a time were marched out of the main gates to a huge field not far from the camp. Here we were lined up in the normal German ranks of five and counted by two different groups of guards. We were then allowed to sit on the heather covered ground until the search of the camp was completed. There were German guards all over the place walking among the POW’s. The guards were stationed all around the perimeter and were now all in a circle and standing between us and the woods in the distance. All of the guards had rifles or revolvers in their hands or Sten guns slung over their shoulders. Just in front of the woods there were two or three army tanks with guns pointed in our direction. They must think we would pull a mass breakout. After a few hours we were all lined up again and marched back to our barracks. Here we found out that while we were out the Gerries had checked every barracks, but were not able to find anyone, which shows that the fellows had been hidden pretty well. Later in the afternoon the gates were again open and we were allowed to walk around the camp. Because of the search we did not get our bread ration until 7:30 pm. So most of the fellows were very hungry, ate the bread as soon as they got it.

Wed Nov 3, 1943: to Wed Nov 17, 1943:
no entry.

Thur Nov 18, 1943:
This morning just after the morning counting parade all of the Canadians in the Dieppe compound were marched out of the barracks. As soon as they left a group of guards armed with picks, shovels and sledge hammers, with other guards carrying their rifles came into the compound. They locked the gates and then commenced searching all of the huts. You could hear them banging on the floors, moving the bunks, stoves and pounding on the floors with their hammers. Eventually they found the tunnel the Canadians had built last summer. They had searched the compound a number of times before, but had not found the tunnel. The Gerries then destroyed it, by filling it with contents from the honey wagon (sewage) and sealed the entrance. The whole operation lasted three or four hours.

Fri Nov 19, 1943:
Canadian parcel came to-day. This afternoon another group of Air Force POW’s arrived at the camp. They had come from Italian POW camps

Sat Nov 20, 1943: to Sun Nov 21, 1943:
no entry.

Mon Nov 22, 1943:
The chains came off the Canadians officially. The had been off unofficially for months even though they are issued every morning and picked up every night. This was done on the orders of the new German commandant, who also has said that all the men will be off the floors by Christmas.

Tue Nov 23, 1943: to Wed Nov 24, 1943:
no entry.

Thur Nov 25, 1943:
Ukrainian Joe returned from his leave.

Fri Nov 26, 1943:
Weather was nice, not too cold. The Canadian army fellows found out to-day that the chains as of to-day have been officially removed, they will all be going out on work parties, whether they like it or not. Rumor has it that NCO’s and non-workers will remain in the Dieppe compound. The others will be removed to another.

Sat Nov 27, 1943:
Some more of the fellows have removed the bed board slats and replaced them with wire that came from the inner wire fence between the inside compounds. This it better sleeping than on the boards.

Sun Nov 28, 1943: to Wed Dec 1, 1943:
no entry.