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Date: December 1st 1943

[transcription and transcription annotations have been provided by the collection donor]

Sun Nov 28, 1943: to Wed Dec 1, 1943:
no entry.

Thur Dec 2, 1943:
We have all been informed that the name of our stalag has been changed from Stalag 8B to Stalag 344. We are told that this was done because Stalag 8B has such a bad name that the English are complaining to the Red Cross who pass it on to the Germans. Apparently to eliminate this bad story, the Germans are telling everyone that all the POW’s in Stalag 8B have been moved to a nice new camp called Stalag 344. From now on we have to put Stalag 344 as our return address on all our cards and letters.

Fri Dec 3, 1943:
Weather is clear, cold and sunny. There was more snow last night and is not melting and has covered all the mud in the camp. There is a Gerry air station not far from this camp. They are flying almost every day. It’s a training station. The pilots shoot up the camp at least once every day. It gives them practice and we enjoy it, especially when there is an accident and we see the aircraft heading to the ground. They have not crashed into the camp, but we have seen one or two pilots in the distance. The new German commandant is making some changes around here as he is getting fuel for our borrowed stoves this winter. He is having all the barracks washed and getting everybody off the floor. Some of the officers who saw him say they are having a rough time, since the big escape. Where some eighty fellows escaped through a long tunnel. They are having six or seven count parades a day and some of the fellows who got away, have been re-captured and shot.

Sat Dec 4, 1943: to Fri Dec 24, 1943:
no entry.

Sat Dec 25, 1943:
Christmas day in Stalag 344 or Stalag 8B, whichever, weather cold and clear. A daily count was at eight o’clock instead of seven.

Sun Dec 26, 1943: to Fri Dec 31, 1943:
no entry.