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Date: March 1st 1944

[transcription and transcription annotations have been provided by the collection donor]

Wed Mar 1, 1944: to Thur Mar 9, 1944:
no entry.

Fri Mar 10, 1944:
Weather still mild. Bulk issue is one third tin of butter per person, three-quarters of a tin of meat & vegetables, half a tin of bully beef, half a tin of milk, that’s powdered milk, a third of a package of dried fruit, thirty lumps of sugar, two-thirds of a bar of chocolate, two-thirty-eighths of a block of cheese, one and a half ounces of tea and some other stuff.

Sat Mar 11, 1944 to Tue Mar 14, 1944:
no entry.

Wed Mar 15, 1944:
Weather was really screwed, sun, snow, wind and mud all over. There will be no spuds issued to-morrow and the Gerries say they will stop altogether in about three weeks, hell, what will we do if we are cut off the spud ration. The spuds and the little bit of bread is what keeps us going.

Thur Mar 16, 1944: to Mon Mar 20, 1944:
no entry.

Tue Mar 21, 1944:
This is the first day of spring and it brought snow, cold and then rain, which makes the place a real mud camp. The weather in March, 1944 was really poor, cold, slush, rain, more snow and misery. During the latter part of March, another friend, POW, died in his sleep. We found out, when he didn’t turn up for the morning parade, so the unter officer went through the hut and found him in his bed and he was dead.

Wed Mar 22, 1944: to Tue April 18, 1944:
no entry.