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Date: April 1st 1944

[transcription and transcription annotations have been provided by the collection donor]

Wed Mar 22, 1944: to Tue April 18, 1944:
no entry.

During the early part of April, 1944, we saw a number of six engine German aircraft flying over. They appeared to be a transport.

Wed Apr 19, 1944:
Weather was dull. It rained most of the day. A little excitement to-day. They found a body floating on top of the reservoir down near the seven to ten compound. His skull had been bashed in and his pockets had been filled with rocks to hold the body in the bottom of the tank. It is believed that he is a Gerry in a British uniform. He had been sent into a camp to see what he could learn. He must have been in the water a long time as his fingers had decayed. They tried to drag him out of the reservoir and his arms just pulled away from the body. Hell, even POW can kill Germans, when locked behind barbed wire.

Thur Apr 20, 1944:
Weather still dull. There is nothing new on the body they pulled out from the reservoir, so I guess it will be forgotten about.

Fri Apr 21, 1944: to Thur May 11, 1944:
no entry.