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Date: August 1st 1944

[transcription and transcription annotations have been provided by the collection donor]

Mon Aug, 1, 1944:
Weather pretty good.

Tue Aug 2 and Wed Aug 3, 1944:
Weather same, mostly rain and the rivers are good. We still have a rumor, which is pretty strong, that we will be moving from this camp sometime this month.

Thur Aug 4, 1944:
Weather fair. It rained during the night and it was dull most of the day. Looks like the Russians will win this war after all.

Fri Aug 5, 1944:
Weather clear and bright. There is to be some boxing matches to-night and rumor has it that Max Schmelling will be visiting the camp.

Sat Aug 6, 1944:
Another perfect day. First good day since the Whitsun sports. This is the August bank holiday and the fellows made up some floats as they did on Whitsun and had a parade.

Sun Aug 7, 1944:
Weather warm and bright. We saw a fellow bail out of his hydroplane though there was no air raid. We did see nineteen of our bombers fly by on their way to Breslau. Some of the Americans who were shot down the other day reached the camp this afternoon. Those nineteen were American bombers.

Mon Aug 8, 1944:
Weather hot, bulk issue of half a tin of jam, milk and meat for two, not much.

Tue Aug 9, 1944:
Weather was hot, because of the wind it was really dusty.

Wed Aug 10, 1944:
Weather was rain most of the day and this has settled all of the dust. As a matter of fact the ground is so white right now, we hope we never see dust again.

Thur Aug 11, 1944:
Fine weather all day.

Fri Aug 12, 1944:
Weather clear and hot. The football game between England and Scotland had a lot of publicity. Some of the fellows had their benches out at 4:30 in the morning so they would have the best seats. The game was pretty good, England won five to one.

Sat Aug 13, 1944:
Weather sunny, then rain.

Sun Aug 14, 1944:
Weather real good, with possible sunbathe again.

Mon Aug 15, 1944:, Weather fair. Canadian Red Cross parcels to-day. They are the best. Gen is still good as there are more landings in southern France.

Tue Aug 16, 1944:
Weather fair. We all received two-thirds of a Canadian parcel. Everything was split between three people.

Wed Aug 17, 1944 to Jan 18, 1945
no entry.