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Date: September 29th 1918
Sarah Fardoe; (mother)
George Fardoe

No 2 Coy. CFC.
Sep. 29th

Dear Mother:

Received your ever welcome letter yesterday, so this being Sunday morning, will write you a few lines in reply before we fall in for church service.

Well! how are you keeping? personally I could not be feeling much better. Weather is simply grand this morning but was rather cool through the night, and I believe was a little frost.

Things were comming my way yesterday, as got several letters, also a couple of parcels from the [?] one of which had a note in it from Mrs. Simpson, and had been on the road since april 19th but was in the best of shape, while the other had a note from Miss [Poole?]. The fruit cake that was in it was jake while also got a pair of socks from Aunt Marry P. So I will have to write her a note. I guess we have to hand it to the old married women for knitting as she sent aa perfect fit while have seen quite a number made by the younger generation, which is a puzzler, as are a cross between a mit and a sock and upon trying them on will do for neither.

Yes! I guess it will keep you pretty busy with doing down fruit and looking after the farm produce, prices seem to be pretty fair, but none to high according the the wages. The women do all the looking after the cows in this country, have very few fenced fields see them leading them out to a field of clover, and staking them down by the hind leg. Milk them three times a day, pack there pailes out to the pasture at noon, milk them and if they are three miles from home pack in back, hung on a stick across their shoulders, believe me. Work and more work is their chief aim in life as near as I can figure, as dont seem to have anything anyways handy.

Ever thing is going along smoothly and have very little news to relate, as you will know more about the war than I do. So will ring of for today.

Ever Your loving Son