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Date: July 21st 1916

[published in the trench newspaper “The Listening Post” July 21, 1916, No. 18, pg. 115]

            A bomb for a bomb.

The Zepilins have ravaged far
   And harried civic folks,
And slew the unoffending babe
   Who lies at mercy of their bolts.

We cannot stop them coming here
   Then why not bomb for bomb?
The powers must take action,
   We'll stand this not for long.

The Germans have depraved the laws
   Of fighting fair and square,
Then why not hit them harder back,
   For we can do our share?

The Sepoys many years ago,
   Paid for their folly ample,
Then why not serve the Hun the same
   And make him an example?

This sort of thing has gone too far,
   Humanity has failed;
The Germans still from heights above,
   Defenceless towns assail.

Bomb their towns and cities all,
   Let all our murdered dead
Be mercilessly avenged
   And doubled on their head.

Let bomb for bomb be our watchword,
   It is the only way,
For every raid upon our shores
   We will three fold repay.

                        C.W. Harris age 15,
                        brother of Sniper Harris.

Original Scans

Original Scans

WWI poem “A bomb for a bomb” by C.W. Harris age 15, in trench newspaper “The Listening Post”