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Date: July 21st 1916

[published in the trench-paper “The Listening Post” July 21, 1916, No. 18, pg. 113]

            A Request.

Spare us now, oh senior Sappers,
   For no war time stuff we yearn;
Save those tales for wide eyed flappers
   When to Blighty you return.

Long ago we heard the the story,
   Know we well the classic tale;
Sling not time worn tale of glory.
   Tie them down till home we sail.

Tell us not of blood stained "Wipers"
   Days of slaughter, nights of tears,
Gas and shells, and bombs and snipers,
   Out to kill the engineers.

For a day still lies before us,
   When at last the big drive starts;
All war's hounds of Hell in chorus,
   Testing then, all human hearts.

                        Sapper Smith,
                        2nd Field Go. C.E.

Original Scans

Original Scans

WWI poem “A Request” by Sapper Smith, 2nd Field Go. C.E., in trench newspaper “The Listening Post”