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Date: July 21st 1916

[published in the trench-paper “The Listening Post” July 21, 1916, No. 18, pg. 115]        

            Dame Romour.

Dame Fortune is a fickle jade,
   One never knows her humour,
But for one worse, I'm sore afraid
   That one must seek Dame Rumour.

Each prank she plays with merry jest,
   Nor is she known to tarry;
Her latest, deals with six weeks rest
   At gay Paree – or – Calais.

But when she whispers in your ear
   "'Tis true" – – pay no attention,
For many a tale she's told this year,
   Too numerous to mention

Remember all, when tales absurd,
   So many are deceiving,
Take good advice, think o'er each word,
   "That seeing is believing".

Original Scans

Original Scans

WWI poem “Dame Romour” in trenchpaper “The Listening Post” 7th Canadian Infantry Battalion C.E.F.