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Date: May 25th 1915

May 25th, 1915.

We left the famed city behind us some time ago and came to this district for a short rest and are now in action here. The old guns are thumping away tonight and after settling the horses after moving them today I am going to turn in for a sleep. I was not satisfied with the waggon line where we went last night and moved today.

The fields are in their fine green mantels and the fruit trees all in bloom. The wheat is headed out already and they preserve all fresh pasture land very carefully from the ravages of hungry horses, in order to ensure a good hay crop.

Hence these billets have all been used by troops for some time past and are not any too clean. I am more than glad to be able to tell you that I have ousted my little enemies from their strongholds. I had two coats of mercury, and a carbolic soap bath and can now sleep with comfort. I had a fine swim yesterday in the Canal Ell and I walked down, had our swim, and rode back on the horses when they came down to water. It was the 24th of May, so you see we were trying to make ourselves believe we were up in the woods. The water may not have been too clean, but was very refreshing.

Some of the men have what they call "cushy" wounds. That is to say a bullet through the arm or leg. These give them little worry and are hence the favorite kind. But I'll be quite satisfied to remain whole. Everything is fine here and all are in good spirits. I saw Mill J- yesterday and Bev. Well I must tumble in.