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Date: April 22nd 1916

[written on the back-side of a postcard picturing the Seven Thorns Hotel captioned “SEVEN THORNS.,postcard series #4505]

April 22/16


Another short epistle and I am quite well thank you, and how is your rhubarb doing I suppose you have made many an anxious trip out under the clothes line, to see if it is ready for the pot. Say, I signed ten bucks of my pay over to you, before I left the peg. [ed. note: “peg” is “Winnipeg”] and before this reaches you, you aught to have it, I thought I best sign it over as we only get half pay here any way and you might as well have it as the government. I wish I had of singned another five as we are only going to get 15 a month and the rest is kept till after the war, but there will likely be a lot of red tape about it.

They have not payed us a cent this month yet, and owe us 4 bucks from March yet, There was some mix up in the paymasters office, but if they don’t soon come through, there will be something doing in camp, as boys are beguinning to get rebellious, and I want mine to go up to London with still have 2 lbs left, but that is not much to go on a trip with

go down this road most every day [ed. note: most likely a reference to the picture on the postcard front].

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Original Scans