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Date: September 14th 1917
George Fardoe

[Written on the back-sides of a numbered series of postcards picturing and captioned:
 #1: “Old Market Hall, Shrewsbury.”
#2: “Pride Hill, Shrewsbury.”
#3: “Free Library and Darwins Statue, Shrewsbury.”
#4: “Ireland’s Mansion, Shrewsbury”]

[postcard #:] 1.
Sep. 14/17

Dear Father,

It is some time since I have written you, but you know doubt be surprised to learn that I am at your old home, and at present am sitting along side the old grate. It is a beautiful morning, and the sun is shining bright, so I hope to take some snap shots, as I fetched my camera along with [?] and there is sure some beautiful scenery round here. Hope you recognize this view, was down past here last night as I walked into

[postcard #:] 2.
Shrewsbury last night to the theatre and some nice walk it was to, was down this hill, at the bottom of which was the show, a new one just starting up. Was also down to a place called Myddle to send

[postcard #:] 3
a telegram to Uncle Dick as he expected to get leave when I came down, I suppose you know this place, and will remember the old guns outside of it, was passed here.

[postcard #:] 4
Was round this corner expect to go out to Wales for a trip today, and then back to london;

Will write all about my trip when I get back to France

So Long,

Original Scans

Original Scans