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Date: October 14th 1918
George Fardoe

[Written on the back-side of a postcard picturing a view of a council chamber, captioned “PARIS (VIIe), – Chambre des Députés, – Salle des Séances”]

Oct 14

Dear Sister,

Just a scratch in order to pack of some of these cards have been buying off the street peddlers, was out to Versiallais a few days ago and had a look at this joint is a nice place out there. Took in a show last night which was not bad but could not compree much of it. I see my S.M. here and tells me they called for a bunch of men to go back up the line, so was again lucky being on leave. the fellow I spoke about the [tobbac?] for went back. Must beat it out again.

So long,

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Original Scans