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Date: April 22nd

[Written on the back-side of a British postcard picturing a street view of houses, captioned “LIPHOOK”]

April 22.

Well another little view which I see quite often, one of the streets of the little town, were we landed at, and through which I road about 3.30 in the morning, as I had to load a lot of luggage where we got in, while the rest were marched out, but I got a ride out on a transport wagon, as I had a couple of drums to hold on the top of a load of kit bags. A little farther on than this, there was a bomb dropped from a zep. while the transports were taking anothere batt’s goods out. So the guy told me, whom I rode up with, seen a airship fly over camp this afternoon, just as was returning form a walk, but we see the quite often, I believe there was a raid on london a short time ago. They are sure strict about the lights here.

Well will say good bye for now and I remain as always

Your loving Son

Original Scans

Original Scans