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Date: September 24th 1915

Sept. 24th, 1915.

Things are quiet again and I thought I'd better write to explain my cable. I could'nt get away so asked George to send it for me in case you should see the casualty list as even a scratch like mine gets into those things. Mine is like a bump on the head from the corner of a bureau about ¼ inch long and just the skin. It was only a little splinter that hit me and a piece of court plaster would have fixed it. I have'nt anything on it at all now and I have been on duty all the time.

Things have been livelier here lately and the Boshes seem quite "wrathy" at times. We were firing a little today and reading the newspapers and magazines. It is raining now and looks like a three day spell. However we are all comfortable and Doug's boxes from Michies have been very regular.