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Date: June 24th 1941
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
Hampton Gray

Mess 12-A
31 S.F.T.S.
June 24.

Dear Mother and Dad,

I am still more homesick than ever I was in England. How I wish I could stay at home for the whole summer but of course that is out of the question. But I don’t like Eastern Canada. It is far too hot and the eastern people are far too fond of themselves. Another thing, of course, is that we are not being kept busy. We will carry on with the program of lectures in the morning, afternoons off until the end of this week. Actually in a lot of ways this establishment is not any too pleasant. We are called at seven, have breakfast and get to lectures for four hours. That isn’t too bad but it is one of the most childish establishments I have been to, and that includes a good many. The officers in the lectures make us keep a special note-book just like public-school and I don’t like it. We don’t feel that we are accomplishing much. Maybe when we get back to flying it will be better

We unfortunately were not able to get off last Saturday so I had to miss Wilhemine’s wedding. I was sorry to miss it.

Before I forget I don’t think I will need those other civies. For the amount I will use them down here the ones I have with me are quite enough.

I got a carton of cigarettes today Dad from Danny McNaughton. You can mention it when you see him. Tell him I appreciate the thought very much. There was the nicest letter along with it. I shall write to him immediately.

I got the letter today Mother that you wrote when I left Nelson. It had got into the wrong mess and it was just by chance I got it. However from now on if you just include mess 12-A the letters will get me right away.

I suppose I have not really told you anything about the train trip down. There really isn’t much to tell. I did not run into anyone of interest as I did on the trip out. It was hot and very tiring and I was extremely glad to see the end of the whole thing.

Have you heard from Jack, yet? I hope so because it is rather heartbreaking never to seem to get in contact. I am writing to him, too. Is Phyllis home with you now? I guess she should be soon. You will be glad to have her.

Well there seems to be so little to tell you. I have not been doing anything. It is too hot. I will close and maybe able to do better in a day or two.

Love to all,



[Editor’s note: While no year was included with the written date, the letter’s contents indicate it was 1941.]

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Original Scans

Page 1 of WWII letter of 1941-06-24 from Lt. Robert Hampton Gray, VC, DSC