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Date: September 23rd 1942
Mildred Flynn - (sister)
Lawrence Drewry

P/O L.J. Drewry
J8629 R.C.A.F.
Base Post office
Sept. 23/42.

Dear Mildred:

Yours – nos 13 and 14 arrived yesterday and I’m ashamed I’ve neglected you so but there it is but I’ve been writing exams etc lately. You see darling we do have exams etc and I imagine always will. There were three of us recommended for a course at central gunnery school so you see I’ve done O.K. I don’t know my standing but it was among the first three, anyhow. I’ll be overseas fir a month or two then I’ll be coming back here for this course. I’ll then go back to my squadron and if ther’s no gunnery leader on it I’ll have that job. If there is I still will have the extra practice and training in gunnery so won’t lose anything. I don’t know just what the rest of the crew will do without me but thats all in the future. Besides I’ve decided to remuster as a pilot just as soon as possible so should be kept busy. You say you may possibly see Montreal some time. If you are in Lachine look up Mrs. Robertson at 615 St. Joseph Street or else Mrs. H. Heavysege at 67B 34th Avenue Lachine and I’m sure you will be welcome. I haven’t seen the last adress as they moved after I left Montreal but there are two girls there both working and I’m sure you could stay overnight, don’t be afraid to ask if you are near there and want a place to stay. The same applies to Mrs. Robertson I’m sure she has a spare room though I haven’t seen it at any rate youl’d like her very much. She has a girl and a boy, Donald and Betty – Bettys about 16 Donalds younger. You can get the Bus out to Her place and it stops right at the front door. Tell the bus driver to let you off at 615 St Joseph and if he doesn’t know where that is get off about three blocks before you get to a district called Dixie and look for the number on the house. (I think its about 51st Avenue) Anyhow you get a St. Annes bus at the station make sure it goes along St. Joseph or if it doesn’t get off at Lachine and take a streetcar to Dixie. Well thats sort of complicated but if you are ever stuck at Montreal look them up. Well I think I told you your parcel was just swell but I’m leaving here soon, so don’t send anymore for awhile. I fear they may not catch me. My best wishes for you and John and as usual

Love –

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