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Date: August 11th 1943
Mildred & John Flynn - (sister & brother-in-law)
Lawrence Drewry

F/o L. J. Drewry
J8629 CAN.

Dear Mildred and John

Aug 2nd seems to be my last letter to you so her’s the gen to date. I’ve moved again so am not with the South Africans any longer. They were a very pleasant bunch of boys and I’ll be only too pleased if we follow and meet up with them again. In fact of all the sqdns. I’ve met and lived with they rank highest for their spirit of good fellowship. I’d like very much to accept some of the invites to visit S. A. if ever I have the opportunity

Since leaving them life has been very quiet – no rescues to perform – no work of any kind. I’ve read at least six books in the past four days and also kept up with my writing. I have three more correspondents since we split our old crew up and am waiting for news of them now. – Today we were wondering what to do so decided to go swimming. We went for a hop around the neighbouring city and took photos from the air – then landed on the sea well out from shore and went swimming from our seaplane or rather amphibian. The water was very nice and besides it was as good as a bath. I’m going to the delta again soon but for how long I can’t say. However it will be a nice change again – gosh I do get the miles in though – not on operational work just on moving here there and back again.

I’ve had no mail for some days as the base port office can’t keep up with me. I expect in a week to get some more so will let you know if your letter describing your holliday has been waiting for me – so far no news. Did I tell you I’d been out hunting partride sis?? Had a swell P.M. with a South African Sgt. (shooting) got nine partride so of course must sample them. They are almost like pheasant for flavour.

I hear ther’s a new adjutant at base but I don’t expect to see him for some time. The old one was a scotchman and very stingy. He used to play poker and welch and buy gin for a party in his tent then when it ran out go over and get some more from the bar without asking or paying for it – a tight wad – well have to close so my love –


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