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Date: 3rd

[Editor’s note: The autograph book has been divided into five parts. Below is Part 3: pages 20-29.]

Page 20:
[drawing of a brick wall]
The Wall of Friendship
            Pte Wilfred Hoath
            18th Lancs Fuslrs
            Orpington Military Hospital

Page 21:
[drawing of a horseshoe & (hammer?)]
Boofies Blighty
            H G Booth  2nd AM
            Jan 1918

Page 22:
[drawing of waterlilies receding into stormy skies]
            W. Matheson
            105 Montgomery St

Page 23:
Some fellows like there Sisters,
But I like other chaps sisters best.
            SIG. J.L. DOWGRAY
            13.TH. BN.

Page 24:
Let,s fetch the Dixy
The Greasy Dixy.
When the soldier,s stew is [hirmnriy?] to me.
The Stretcher Ready.
So all get steady.
And who will be the, Mess, orderly.
It,s made of – Pork & Beans ^ ^ ^ Machonochie & Bacon rind.
Water, spuds, & Bully – socks, turnips, and Swine.
There is the Dixy.
The greasy Dixy.
And then, who is the next for stew.
            No 321 Cpl W.J. Archer
            57th Batt

Page 25:
[top of page:]

The Rifle Brigade they go in the line
And the R F A behind them
And when you want Orderleys
You don’t know were to find them
            Rfm George Webb
            10th Btn Rifle Brigade

[bottom of page:]
William John Archer
            North Steet

Page 26:
You may talk of Balaclava
You may talk of Trafalgar Day
But you ought to have seen
The “Wiltshires” landing on Suvla Bay
            Pte A.H. Everett
            5th Wilts
            Jan 1918

Page 27:
[portrait drawing of girl in hat]
Yours sincerely,
            Sig. R. Howe

Page 28:
   XXXIII Psalm
The Ford is my (Auto)
I shall not want another.
It maketh me lie Beneath it,
It Soreth my soul.
It leadeth me into the paths of ridicule
For its name sake.
Yea though I ride through the valleys
I am towed up the hills.
I fear much evil.
Thy rods and thy engines discomfort me.
I annoineth my tires with patches
I repair blow outs in the presence of mine enemies.
My radiator runneth over.
And if I follow ford for another
year I shall dwell in the
O.M.H. forever.
            Pte O.A. Ferguson

Page 29:
[drawing of a pastoral scene with church]
            HGB  1918

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