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Date: October 2nd 1915
Mum - (Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

Vernon Camp B.C.
Oct 2, 1915

Dear Mum.

Thanks very much for the nice toffee you sent. We all enjoyed it together with the preserved fruit.

You know, of course by my letter that I and one of my tent mates went to Kelowna for the fair. Aunt Violet gave us a fine time and I felt quite bilious on leaving. Coming back most of the men were very drunk. One six footer in particular was in his element. You know we were all seated in a cabin of the boat while one fellow was playing the piano. This tall fellow, was crawling on all fours around the cabin. He would crawl up to a fellow and look up into his face with the most idiotic expression. At last he came to a drunken civilian in a blue suit. He calmly felt this fellow over from toe to head. When he came to feel the man’s coat pocket he awakened considerably and saying “Um! Yum! Yum!” pulled out a big bottle of whiskey which he greedily proceeded to drink. I also heard that another fellow jumped overboard and was drowned but I could not swe[missing] to the truth of it.

The other day a sergeant-major of the 62nd was knocked down by a jitney which broke, both legs, five ribs, and severly gashed his head.

With lots of love I am your loving son –

[postscript added to top of first page:]
P.S. If you are in Vernon need money do not hesitate to draw from my savings.

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