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Date: November 5th 1915
Dad - (Arthur Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

Vernon Camp, B.C.
Nov. 5, 1915

Dear Dad.

Thanks for the welcome letter I received today.

I am going to shortly try darned hard to get home for that shooting trip we have so often spoken of.

It has been wet for the last week with the result that this loam soil is as slippery as all clay is when wet. I was on guard yesterday and my beat lay along the most slippery part of the camp. I enjoyed it however as all I did was to stand in my box and watch the other fellows falling down. For instance I would hear a slushy thud followed by an all combination cuss. Looking in the direction of these queer noises I would see a cursing soldier trying to regain his feet amid the general laughter. Over at the guard tent they always have a wood fire as the weather is pretty raw now. We all sit around it, look at the red coals and feel contented.

This life certainly makes a fellow lazy. I dont believe I could do a hearty days’ work the way I feel at present.

I now weigh 148lbs in my dress clothes which shows I have gained 12lbs since my arrival here.

Frank and Harry tried to transfer to the 54 Battalion but were unable to make it stick. The colonel told them that he couldnt afford to train men for other regiments. They are still trying however and are about to make another attempt so I believe.

I heard from Dug Goudy today. They are still at Shorncliffe. Dug is now a scout which shows he must be a pretty capable man.

With love to all
I am your loving son

[postscript added to top of first page:]
P.S. Did Mum receive my watch I sent home for repairs some weeks ago? Please let me know as I feel worried about it.

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