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Date: March 31st 1916
Mum - (Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

[stationery letterhead of:
The Hotel Windsor
Jas. Fox, Proprietor
 Nanaimo, B.C.”]

March 31 1916

Dear Mum.

I am enclosing postal order for twenty bucks. I want you to keep a couple with which to buy something for the small family. Unless you are in need please add the rest to my bank account. It seems funny if you think of it that since last July 5, I have made in cold cash somewhere about two-hundred-and-fifty dollars and have only saved about fifty. When you are away from home it easy to become a spend-thrift – blub! – cough! – splutter.

We are shortly to move to Victoria. I am looking forward to the move as it will be nice to see Helen and the Aunts quite often.

It has been a lovely day today. One couldnt wish a better.

Our horses will soon be sent away. I feel rather glad to think there is something definite to do. If we had been infantry at the first I am sure we would have been at the front now.

Last night Adrian and I spent a very nice little evening at Edith Cunninghams. We had supper there and played five and hundred afterwards. Once Mr Cunningham got so angry because he was losing that he threw his cards on the table and very nearly said something. Anyway he was soon pacified and showed himself to be a very nice fellow.

I was very shocked to hear of Sid. Johnson’s death. In spite of his faults, and we all have them, he was a very nice fellow from what I saw of him.

Dug’s regiment is now at the front and have already reported several casualties in dead and wounded. I hope the old boy pulls through unscathed. I think Mrs. Goudie would go mad if he were killed.

With love to all
Your loving son
Sid. AW.

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