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Date: June 13th 1916
Dad & Mum - (Arthur & Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

[stationery letterhead of “Y.M.C.A.”]
June 13 1916

Dear Dad and Mum.

I had a fine trip down. At Vancouver I met Aunt Emeline as we were going on the boat. I therefore made the trip with them and enjoyed it accordingly. They treated me to a nice dinner on the boat. Well after a perfect trip we arrived at our destination at three oclock. I left them at the Empress and walked up to Aunt Agnes’s where I had supper. After supper I went to a memorial service held for Kitchener. The 11 C.M.R. band played for the occasion. The service consisted of a few hymns prayers and speeches by some promenant citizens. I returned to barracks at 9.30.

I guess it is true about leaving soon. We all have our deck-shoes and overseas equipment issued to us. The equipment is, a pair of deck-shoes, 1 balaclava helmet, a ground sheet of a rubber material, our pack harness, a haversack, mess tin, water-bottle, jack knife, and housewife, all except harness and tin made of heavy canvas! Unless something turns up we are to leave here next Tuesday and go overseas. I have been looking for Heaton but have not yet found him.

I found three letters for me two very nice ones from the Watts (Aunt [?] and Ruby) and one from Edna Cunningham). I wish you would phone Adrian and tell him that the sergeant-major told me he is down in D orderly room as absent. Please tell him if he has not written an explanation for his overstay to do so as he is liable to get into trouble otherwise.

I have not yet eaten the little lunch put up for me but intend to do so soon.

With lots of love I am
Your loving son
Sid. W.

P.S for the love of Pete dont forget to tell Dad and Keith when I come through

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