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Date: July 14th 1916
Mom & Dad - (Jennie & Arthur Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

Halifax Harbour
July 14,1916

Dear Mom and Dad:

The letters written on board are censored so don’t be disappointed if I can’t write the name of our transport or more particulars about ourselves. Anyway we are to sail soon.

At present our protector a grey cruiser bristling with guns is anchored a few hundred yards from us. For the past 36 hours she has been coaling up.

To-day there is to be a boat race between our different companies. Of course D is expected to win. There are also to be other races. One between the officers of our regiment and the officers of the other regiment now aboard with us. As the day is to be given over for sports there are to be no “jerks” whatever. Usually we have “jerks” for half an hour in the morning and as much in the afternoon.

Boy Dempster and I were chatting over Kamloops a couple of days ago and we both heartily agreed we wouldn’t live outside old B.C. for any consideration.

We have a concert every evening so time does not hang so heavily on our hands.

We also have a canvas swimming tank fixed up on deck. They fill this up with salt water and the fellows go in head-first naked. I saw two fellows scuffling on deck yesterday. Finally one threw the other plump into the tank clothed and all. Also on “jerks” one fellow got sore because the other fellow chased him with that strap so as he wouldn’t be a sport the others after a terrific struggle also pitched him into the tank. One other kid on becoming angry as he was teased loudly and violently told his tormentor that he would “put you in the —! –#* tank you —#**+—##*** . He then tried to do so but found that his tormenter was a better man than himself. Anyway they clasped each other violently and went to it full tilt. I managed to get a lovely snapshot when the scrap was at its height.

Well I will close with lots of love to you all and hoping Dad still has work,

Your loving son,
Sid. W.


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]