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Date: October 1916
Keith Winterbottom - (brother)
Sydney Winterbottom

Oct. 1916 (?)

Dear Keith:

Thanks for the letter. Hope to receive another from you soon.

The day before yesterday I was speaking to Mr.Newberry and young Keith. Gosh though, Mr.Newberry looks about twenty-five. I never saw a man change as he has done. When I went out to speak to him I passed him a foot off as I didnt recognize him. I’ll bet you wouldn’t either.

If it wasn’t for this -------!-----! -----! mud I’d almost wish Dad could come here and put on a bit of flesh. Kelly is at present in the hospital with a bad eye. He is growing like a bally weed.

When in London last week, on Sunday morning I and cousin Dolly went to some church where I heard the darndest and longest- winded sermon I’ve ever been tortured with. In the afternoon we went to the zoo. Some place, believe me. I needn’t say much about it as Dad can tell you more than I can. We always travelled by taxi - Class EH WHAT!

I’m feeling a bit homesick now that shooting season is so close. The way a guy feels here after being bossed and fooled about with by a lot of dizzy fools is that he doesn’t give much of a d____m! whether he is going to get killed or not. I don’t give the slightest hoot what happens myself but believe me when I say DON’T JOIN THE CUSSED BUSINESS UNLESS YOU

HAVE TO AS IT WILL ONLY MAKE YOU A CUSSED ANIMAL. Keep home and remember it is the best place no matter what turns up.

Well, you pidgeon towed proon, so long for the present.

Your loving son (sic)


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]