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Date: March 14th 1917
Dad & Mum - (Arthur & Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

France...Mt. St. Eloy, Vimy
March 14, 1917

Dear Dad and Mum

Ï received another dandy parcel from home containing peanut butter, strawberry jam, chocolate, socks and gum and cigarettes. That make about the third one from home in the past ten days, besides several others from the aunts "some class" eh wot! I have also received many nice letters among which was a very nice letter from Mrs.Mathews.

We are all feeling pretty good for a little rest lately. I was shocked to hear about the death of Mr. Louis and Mr. (that surveyor who used to live on fruit lands) I saw and spoke to Steve McKay who told me that Des was not only wounded but that he was recommended for the DSO as well.

The weather is perfect as usual - lovely sunshine. I do hope we will be able to finish this blamed war while the weather holds good.

The birds, even the flea bitten pigeons, are making nests. In fact there are a few young birds out already.

Doug, who arrived here very thin from a touch of dysentary is now looking more like his old self. We often go for a jake swim in a pond near-by which I don't believe they could do in Kamloops as early. That does't mean that this god forsaken, ruined country can hold a patch on old B.C. because it couldn't in a million years.

I heard from Miss Fooks the other day and she mentioned yet another parcel she is sending off. Oh, by the way I forgot to thank you for the jake parcel I received with the honey in it. Those lous (sic) proof suits are rather a joke because they are the most perfect lous catchers I have yet found.---caught 6 lice a few hours after putting on one of the shirts. Well, supper is up and "noos" is horribly lacking, so wishing we will soon see each other again. I must close for the present, with heaps of love,

Your loving son,


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]