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Date: April 27th 1917
Mum - (Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

France: (Vimy)
April 27, 1917

Dear Mum:

Thanks for your letter which I received yesterday. I also heard from Miss Fooks and Aunt Violet.

I have seen buttercups out here. Some weeks ago we were in some cellars in a certain bust up village, not far from the cellar was a shell hole white with snow drops. I pressed a couple of them and sent them home. I don't know if they ever arrived, but hope so.

I haven't heard from Dug for a couple of months....and I haven't heard from Harry all winter. I guess he has almost forgotten his old partner in his present surroundings.

Say, Mum, I wish you would send me ten francs by registered post every fortnight. The money we get usually lasts a couple of days -fifteen francs every fortnight. Please be sure to register everything you send as I believe that is why I seldom receive a parcel from home. You see a registered thing naturally receives extra care.

In your next letter will you please find out and tell me if Alphy Wain was killed, because there is a grave in a nearby graveyard with A (something) Wain. Adrian and I just wondered if it was the Wain from Kamloops. There was the grave of a little fellow named Kelly (?) there also. He was in the 11 C.M.R. and was one of the cherriest little chaps one could wish to run across.

You see a lot of wild partridges over in this country. Also there are lots of hares. I guess the war has formed a lot of wild land good for their breeding. Please tell Trixie I hope to write soon. Also please thank her for the snaps she sent me. I appreciated them very much.

Well. old girl, keep your heart up and wear a good broad smile

Love to you all,
your loving son,


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]