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Date: June 22nd 1917
Keith Winterbottom - (brother)
Sydney Winterbottom

June 22, 1917

Dear Keith:

Thanks for your letter. I like your letters old kid as they make me feel as if I was once again talking to you. I also think it is nutty of you all to live in town at this time. The farmer is the only one making good money. I hear potatoes are four bucks a sack- just fancy.

Yes, you bet we will have a ranch old boy even if I can't do too much on it. I'll certainly put all the dough I've got to help out.

It was darned decent of White to send the cat. What sort of a fellow is he? I saw in a Kamloops paper where a "White" had been killed. I think this fellow lived up or near the sugar loaf.

Why the deuce don't you take some of my dough for the coast trip. If you won't let me give it you have all your life to pay it back- without any percentage. I think you are nutty not to take it myself.

Dug is in my section and is one of the company scouts. P Spaulding is the other scout. It is certainly jake to have Dug. as after Adrian left I had no special chum. Now Dug. and I go on just as nutty as we used to when walking down the main street. When he feels languid he still talks as if he wants to be sick. You remember how he used to stop and throw up bile out running. It makes me laugh to think of it to this day.

I have a couple of black optics and a very tender nasal organ as a result of boxing. Yesterday I went up and boxed another guy for a place in the Divisional sports. I lost the bout. While we boxed the rain came down in sheets. Once we both fell out of the ring. Another time he made a big slam at me, missed and fell out head first, while a couple of other times I took headers out side. I felt a darned side more like laughing than fighting.

I had a nice letter from good old Helen and soon hope to write.

Well old sport I must close, with love,

P.S. Hope you soon get a decent outdoor job. is there a chance of a survey job or is it too late.


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]