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Date: June 28th 1917
Helen Winterbottom - (sister)
Sydney Winterbottom

France Lens
June 28, 1917

Dear Helen:

Thanks ever so much for your nice letter of May 18. I am glad you like the tie and only hope I can give you a better remembrance next year. You spoke of a song called ""Its Nice to get up in the Morning But its Nicer to Stay in Bed" I heard that sung in Nanaimo. I wish I had known you had not heard of it so I could have sent it to you. The fellow who sang it was dressed in kilts and brought down the house. There was another pretty little song he give us entitled "There's a wee hoose"

I guess you will be having your holidays when this reaches you. You want to have as good a time as possible because you might be dead before the next holidays - nothing like cheerfulness eh?

I received the funniest letter from Heather the other day with some enclosed snaps. One snap she was posing and wrote" some class, eh?" on the back of it. In another she and one of her friends were dressed up in Linn's clothes. the other one showed one of her friends trying to help her on to her feet. On the back of this snap was "one of these are Gertie Gowan. the other is "mah" plastered to the eyes". By heck! though Helen you should take a run down and stay a few days with them because you would just think the whole family great. It isn't far from old Kamloops and doesn't cost such an awful lot.

I wrote to Trixie Dandy the other day although I believe she owes me a letter. She also will be enjoying her holidays I suppose. Yes I guess that May day dance was slow without the "byes". Never mind old kid we will have a good old jamboree when the lads get home eh?

With best love,
I am your loving brother,


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]