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Date: August 31st 1917
Helen Winterbottom - (sister)
Sydney Winterbottom

France nr. Lens
August 31, 1917

Dear Helen:

Thanks for your nice letter. I’m glad you are having a good holiday old girl and hope you make it as big a spree as possible. I guess the Watts will be down at the coast by now. I hope they find it all right there. It strikes me that Linn will be a lot better for the change of climate. The coast is certainly a delicious treat after the hot weather in Kamloops.

Say old kid what is the matter with T. Dandy? I’ve written to her a couple of times now but someone seems to have cut me out! I wonder if it is that villian Linn? He seems awfully gone on her and earnestly asked me to tell him all bout her. The villian! Anyway next time you see Trixie please till her that there is a certain blonde looking male out in France who is pining for a letter from her. How is that for slush?

I don’t pack a rifle any more out here. Instead I have a Lewis Gun which lets off over ten rounds a second. Also I now carry a revolver. Tough, eh what! I saw Charlie Akehurst a couple of nights ago. He is a tall wide shouldered man now with fine eyes and a beautiful sun browned complexion. Therefore don’t go and get spliced until you inspect some of the old bunch when they return. There are some humdingers out here - just wait and see!

Please try and excuse this bosh old girl because there is no other “noos”. In case this is forwarded to Heffley Creek I’ll just tell you that Noel Harper, Wilfred McLean, Porky McHarthur were wounded in a recent scrap. Fred Lee the little Chinese fellow who used to go to Sunday School with us was unfortunately killed. I received a nice letter from Aunt Fanny and Ursie. Ursie must be a fine girl judging by her letters. She sent me her photo some months ago.

Dug. is well and came through safely last trip. He wishes to be remembered to you. He is such a fine chap. P. Spaulding, Dug, and I are great pals.

Miss E, Beattie very kindly sent me a pair of home knitted socks. She is a brick.


 P.S. Write soon


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]