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Date: September 9th 1917
Mum & Dad - (Jennie & Arthur Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

France- Estree Cauchie
Sept. 9, 1917

Dear Mum and Dad

Thanks for your letters. Here goes for my weekly letter home. I always try to write once a week home. Dug., Percy S. And myself are all in the best of health. I have been having a daily sparing match for a coming tournament so as per usual possess a lovely pair of black eyes. -Har! Har! I should worry for black optics.

Gee though I was glad to hear Joan had passed and hope you give her my little token for being such a good scholar. I have a chance to get leave in Paris in a month or so but don’t think I will take it as it is a substitute for “Blighty” leave.

I heard from Art. Batch a few days ago. He expects to be over here soon. Dug. And I paid a visit to the 47th Battn. Last week. We saw and spoke to Bob Brown, “Chuck” Akehurst, Jerry, Percy Payne’s brother, and Frank Clark a lieutenant. We also saw but did not speak to Charley Bayley who the boys speak of as a most dare-devil captain up the line. Noel Harper, Wilfred McLean, Porky MacArthur and several others were wounded not long ago. Fred Lee the Chinese boy was unfortunately killed. Pete Smith was wounded.

I have not received my usual registered letters for a month. Did you forget to send them? They are ever so much better than parcels and don’t cost you anything because it is my “dough”. Please keep on sending them. To-day Dug. and a few other picked men are shooting for the best team in the brigade. I hope he comes out all right.

I often think how queer it will seem to be home again. Just fancy it is over a year since I have seen any of you, almost a year in fact in this divine country. Well I always try and think for the best. It is just as easy to be cheerful as no if one would only make it a practice - eh what?

I hope to receive letters from home to-day as two lots of C mail have arrived I hope you don’t think this letter too dull, old kids. There is very little to write about. I heard from Adrian the other day. He is now convalescent and is having a whale of a time.

I do wish we could all travel through France when there was no such thing as war. You would think you were in one big rolling green field with towns, villages and cities within range of the sight.

Write soon and old man have a slab of bacon, chewing tobacco ect.. ready for that trip.



[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]