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Date: September 9th 1917
Keith Winterbottom - (brother)
Sydney Winterbottom

France nr. Lens
Sept. 9, 1917

Dear Keith:

Thanks for your letter and write again soon you awkward fish or I’ll gas you when I return.

Isn’t it queer to think of you swimming in the same old mud hole we used at school. I wouldn’t mind a roll in the mud there right now by heck. By the time this reaches you I hope you shall have received good treatment for your eyes. The German gas puts a fellow’s eyesight on the blink for some weeks. They call his new stuff mustard gas. It makes a man very sick at the stomach besides.

Who do you think Dug., Percy and I paid a visit to the other night. None other than the McDermid boys. Both are in the same Red Cross section, sleep to-gether, eat together and carry the same stretcher together- jake, eh? We had a great old talk and did not set out for camp until a late hour. Gordon Harper and a Kamloopean named McLeod were in the same outfit. We didn’t see them.

Write when you can old man, I like your nutty letters.

Your loving brother,

P.S. If you want to lick me you better get some practise as I do in that stuff. Har! Har!


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]