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Date: October 6th 1917
Dad & Mom - (Arthur & Jennie Winterbottom)
Sydney Winterbottom

France - Petit Vimy
Oct. 6, 1917

Dear Dad and Mom:

First of all thank you all ever so much for your dandy parcel of home-made toffee, Helen’s jake gingercookies, gum, etc. The parcel was waiting for me when we came out of the front line.

Uncle Albert wrote a joyful letter in which he said he had ben granted a three months furlough and was leaving for Victoria “tout suite”. I should just think he was excited to return home at a moments notice after an absence of two years.

Mrs. Gilbert (?) Robertsons knitted flannel makes a jake button polisher because I already have a sponge. As you say Linn is one of the best. He has certainly had a trying uphill climb for a young fellow.

I’m glad Helen has got Ducks’school as she will be able to to get home every week end. Also Marg will get a chance to put on some “mus”.

I will take down the address of Mr. Sterry’s sister so that I can see her in “ighgate”

Good Uncle Barney sent me a dandy khaki jersey which I had previously asked for so I shall at least keep one half of my carcass warm.

I heard from Art. Batchelor not long ago. He said that Harry was shortly coming out to the seventh battalion. If that is so we shall often see each other.

A couple of weeks ago Dug., Percy S. and I were talking rot together in a dug out when a voice said “Hello there Dug.” we looked up and saw Wilfred Duck. Maybe we didn’t tell each other yarns. Rupert, his brother, has been some time in blighty with a bullet in the hand. Wilfred is a battalion scout in the 5th Battalion.

Percy S. has been away all day with a few others looking at, and learning about some tanks. He and the other fellows rode in them and had them explained to them.

The mouth organ arrived all right thanks and likewise was lost long ago.

Why did you leave of sending ginger and registered letters? I did not ask for them on an impulse. We get 45 francs per month now.

With heaps of love, I am your loving son,

P.S. I took communion today.


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]