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Date: September 26th 1974
Susan, Tonia, and Cameron Doerksen - (wife & children)
Kenn Doerksen

Thurs, 26 Sept. 74

Dearest Susan, Tonia and Cameron,

Life plods on here on the “island of love”...yecch!! this has been a very busy week, work-wise – I seem to have been running all over the city all week. We finally got electricians from both sides to work side by side along a part of the Green Line, for two days. It was very successful and both sides want now to continue to repair the lines all along the Green line, over the next few weeks. We provide a scout car for each crew and keep all the gun posts informed of each repair – and they seem quite willing to co-operate. Smitty and I have obtained an awful lot of trust by both sides and a reputation for getting things done – hence we keep getting more problems to solve.

I met a Greek girl yesterday whose husband is still a prisoner in Kyrenia. She works for the Red Cross but they have not been able to get him out, so I inquired on my own channels and have now gotten permission of the Turks to release him very shortly. The Red Cross, who normally handle this sort of thing are rather amazed. It's really kind of funny.

I found a pig farm right next to the Turks, the other day. I knew some pigs were dead so I took the H.Q. hygiene section there today. We found 600 pigs dead in their pens and about 60 live ones. The Turks don't eat pork. While checking out the place, I ended up talking to the local battalion commander, a L/Colonel, who up until today had refused to speak to anyone below his own rank. We had a lengthy chat which ended up no-where. So I went back to the Turkish Administration and they are quite concerned (for health reasons) about the pigs, and will, hopefully, dispose of them. It was quite a sight.

Your letters seem to arrive in twos, but they are arriving now. I'm sorry your course fell through, but I'm sure you will be plenty busy this fall. How is Mr. Jabour doing these days with our case? Mom wrote but said very little about anything. Oh yes, you don't need to send TIME anymore, as it is arriving at the mess now. Heard the ladies meeting was quite a show. Also, I knew about your letter to Richardson before you told Of the wives who phoned (Nancy Morrow, I think). Are you trying to get me thrown out, now that I can't afford to quit?? I love you!

I have 10 million things to do before next Monday and I have to go to Dhekelia all day Sunday to fire my gun. What I wouldn't give for a whole day off. I miss you all so much and love you even more.


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