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Date: October 13th 1974
Susan, Tonia, and Cameron Doerksen - (wife & children)
Kenn Doerksen

Sunday 13 Oct 1974

Dearest Susan, Tonia and Cameron,

I still have to wonder about the Canadian Post office. I always get 2 of your letters on the same day...then 6 more days and 2 more letters. Weird. Your parcel arrived last week. Thank you. The peanut brittle is all gone and I’m halfway through the seeds. I sent off some things for the kids...hope you can divide them up without any squabbling. Oh yes, I will be sending possible gifts for both Moms this week. If you like them, you can wrap them and send them for Xmas.

Most of us do not know our flight dates but I will be home by 15 December or sooner. Let’s plan for a Christmas at home, if that’s OK, and go to the chalet in January, if leave dates work out. I am trying to send Ken Smith home early, so he can get his leave in December.

Life is becoming very routine now, although I still haven’t had a full day off. I slept in past 7 am today for the first time but was duty officer all afternoon. One of these days, I have to go to Limmasol and spend 2 days on the beach there...but when I don’t know.

Our mess dinner on Thursday was a smashing success...all sorts of things got smashed. I stayed very sober, in fact I’ve not had 2 drinks in the past 3 days. Probably why I got my first headache today. Actually, I got it yesterday, after an hour’s badminton with Roger St. John followed by a rushed supper and a softball game. By the way, we won two games in a row (our first) and nearly beat the top team last night. Were getting good. Ours is the only team with officers (Rick St. Germaine and I) and we have a lot of fun. I play a lot of badminton now, and try to run a couple of miles every other day.

I’m still assuming you are in Toronto...hope the flight worked out and that the kids travelled well. Don’t hesitate to fly commercial back, if you have to. Say hi to Mom and Dad for me. I’m glad Tonia is enjoying her school. I look forward to helping her with her reading when I get back. And Cameron sounds like a real character. I miss them both, terribly.

Saw the 2nd Canada-USSR game yesterday. Too bad about the series, though. The Canadians looked real good. Oops...out of room. Be good.

I love you all,

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