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Date: October 15th 1974
Susan, Tonia, and Cameron Doerksen - (wife & children)
Kenn Doerksen

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 1974

Dearest Susan, Tonia and Cameron,

Just received your first letter from Niagra...I’m glad your trip worked out, even despite a few minor difficulties. You didn’t say much about your folks (in fact, nothing) so I assume they are fine. Hope the kids don’t upset your Mom too much. I’ll send this letter to Edmonton as you will be home by then, if your 2 weeks doesn’t grow too much. I only sent two letters to Islington, as I only knew of your trip on the 6th.

I am sending a parcel tomorrow with two lace tray mats and matching napkins (doilies, I guess). The linen is hand woven and the lace is all done by local craftsman. There is some beautiful stuff but the larger pieces are very expensive. Would you like something like a place mat and napkin set or cloth for the coffee table? In any case, if you think our Moms would like these for Xmas, you can send them, otherwise keep them for us.

I spent about 20 minutes staring out over the city tonight. Such a difference from 2 months ago. Lights are on everywhere, now, and the small villages up on the Kyrenia mountains (about 6 miles away) stand out clearly.

Traffic is still busy even at 10 pm (curfew for both sides is 11 pm) and, thank goodness, we seldom hear a shot. Yet, the economy of Cyprus is going to be crippled by next year. I just finished a report-cum-briefing for Col. Lessard (which I will give for Mr. Richardson in Nov.) and the statistics are staggering. I see much of the damage first-hand and talk with the businessmen and farmers and refugees. Many of them just cannot comprehend the scale of the losses.

We played ball again last night and held the top team (2 [?]) to 3-2 until the last inning, losing 8-2. Our team has improved vastly and we have a lot of fun...more spirit than all the other teams. Ken S. is the manager, my driver is the pitcher and I play field. When I don’t play ball, I try to get up a game of badminton or else I run 1½ miles. Did it in 9½ minutes today, my very best time. We are going to complete our annual 1½ mile run and 10 mile walk before leaving here, so we won’t need to do it next spring. (Whoopee!!)

The job doesn’t really let up, although I have been taking time to get some paperwork done. My briefing took several days, but it really turned Col Lessard and Maj. Zuliani on. I’m quite proud of it. Also finished my first military paper – on lowering the jump altitude and it passed the R.M’s scrutiny with only 2 small changes. Smitty is doing a big report for L.Col Palmer (435 Sqn Co) by request of Maj. Arbuckle, and then we are going to re-write all the regimental policy instructions concerning parachuting. Should be in good shape when we get back to Edmonton.

We are entering the rainy season here, now. Not like B.C., it rains every 2nd day or so, but there is much more cloud. Nights are cool (50° or so) and mornings are crisp and pleasant. Still gets hot in the afternoon. I think I might like a year’s tour here, if you could come too. I think you’d enjoy it here Sue (under normal times). Life is easy and very modern on the Greek side. Yet, the countryside is still full of peasants plowing fields by hand, riding donkies and living in small huts. Intriguing.

Enough of this eyelids are beginning to droop. Am counting the weeks, now, till we are together again. Give the kids a big kiss, Sue. I’ll send them some more postcards soon. I miss you.

All my love,

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